WARHORN is the service we use to schedule games for the convention. To see a list of games that are currently scheduled and available to sign up to play at the convention see the Scheduled Games page or click here.

We will have tons of scheduled games that will be posted and available to play on WARHORN.

To register for WARHORN and sign up to play games click on the following link and follow the instructions below.


  1. If you have a Warhorn account please click log in in upper right corner.
  2. If you need to register please click Sign up in the upper right corner.
  3. Once your logged in click on CONVENTIONS on the top menu bar.
  4. Type RAGECON into the search box and click on the magnifying glass or press enter.
  5. Click on the RAGECON 2017 title in blue to select the convention.
  6. Click on Register for this Event in the upper right hand corner.
  7. Click on the Register button to complete your registration. No need to add notes.
  8. Click on Event Schedule in the upper right menu.
  9. Click on the Show Session Details box to collapse the games details to make it easy to see the list of games available.
  10. Find the game you would like to play during the convention and click on the Play button to add yourself as a player. By clicking Play you are agreeing to show up for the game on time and play the entire game. If you need to cancel please log in and remove yourself from the game so others can take that spot.

Do you want to run your favorite game at RAGECON 2017?

We need Game Masters that want to run games during the convention! Game Masters qualify as Volunteers and get discounted admission for running games.

4 hours = half price admission

8 hours = full admission

Totals hours volunteered do not have to be consecutive.

If you are interested in running games please provide the following information to the Event Coordinator at the link below.

  1. Your name and phone number.
  2. Your Warhorn login id if possible.
  3. Name of game you would like to run.
  4. Type of game. (board game, card game, rpg, etc…)
  5. Date and Time you would like to run the game.
  6. Table space required.
  7. Number of maximum players.
  8. Table space required.
  9. Any special requirements for players. (ie – Experienced players only, newbies welcome, materials needed, ….)

Email the Event Coordinator.