We will have fun stuff planned for you in addition to scheduled gaming!

VIG Only Events! VIG Lounge!

Are you a Very Important Gamer?

RAGECON 2022 will be featuring special games, events, tournaments and raffles that are for VIG Badgeholders only. Look for them on Tabletop Events when you are signing up for events! There will even be a special VIG gaming lounge!

Game Exchange Swap Meet

Got a game you don’t play anymore?
Too many dice in your dice bag?

A great way to get rid of games you don’t play, trade for new games that you want to play or put some money in your pocket. Sunday from 10am – 11am.

Bring a little, bring a lot; remember it’s a one hour sale/trade

There’s no charge for the space we are providing it as a service for our patrons

Games, and Game related items are always welcome

Please NO guns, knives, weapons, smelly stuff, loud stuff or messy stuff (if you violate this rule, you will be asked to leave)

No food or drinks can be sold (this is a hotel policy)

We’re not responsible or liable for sales, sale of any items, loss, theft, bags, boxes or making change

All merchandise is sold “As Is” and “Where Is” without warranties or guarantees of any kind by RAGECON, LLC.

Buyers shall rely entirely upon their own inspection.



Cosplay Contest

Is cosplay your thing?
RAGECON will be awarding prizes for the best cosplay on Saturday in a secret judging by staff and special guests!
Make sure you sign up at registration to be considered!


12 and Under Games

For our younger players!

RAGECON is fun for the whole family and we will have games dedicated to our players who are 12 and under featuring different types of family-friendly games, including Play to Win!


RAGECON Instagram Contest

#RAGECON2023 @rageconeno

Do you Instagram? Do you follow RAGECONReno? Well, tag @rageconreno in your posts during the convention and use the hashtag #RAGECON2023 and for a chance to win 25 RAGEbucks!

We always have a lot of fun with this at the convention, so we are doing it again. We really love seeing all your pictures from RAGECON on our Instagram feed and we will definitely follow everyone who participates in the contest with RAGECON related content.

Prize: One random winner will be chosen to receive 25 RAGEbucks! Must be present to win. More details will be announced on social media.


TTRPG Systems and Genres & Roleplay Safety Systems

Saturday at 10:00 AM

Mythical Family hosts a panel of gamers familiar with many diverse TTRPG gaming systems and genres to sit and discuss tabletop gaming outside of D&D and Pathfinder. Systems will be compared and explained, mechanics talked about, and experiences with the spectrum of lite-to-crunchy will be shared. The universe of TTRPGs is wide and diverse – come talk about it with us. We will also discuss various gaming safety systems, their real value, and how/when/where/whether to implement them. 


Grant Lyon: The Board Game Comedy Hour

Saturday at 1:00 PM • Saturday at 8:00 pm

Grant Lyon, a touring professional comedian from Comedy Central, Comics Unleashed, the SyFy Channel, and more, is also a huge board game lover! For the first time ever, Grant is putting his 17 years of standup comedy experience into a standup show all about board games. If you’re a gamer, these jokes are for you!


What makes a good podcast?

Saturday at 2:00 PM

Renowned podcasters in the tabletop world, Ben Maddox and Corey Thompson will tell you.

They’ll talk about structuring an idea. Finding your voice. The tech you need to sound halfway good. And, most importantly. how not to be boring.

They’ll also tell you the terrible mistakes they’ve made.


No Accent? No Problem!

Saturday at 2:00 PM

Want to up your Role Play game with character voices but don’t know how to do an accent? No problem! Learn many different ways to make a unique character voice without having to use accents at all! Great for both players and game masters.


LGBTQ+ Representation and Gaming

Saturday at 3:00 PM

Mythical Family presents a panel to discuss LGBTQ+ representation in TTRPGs and gaming more broadly. Hear from members of the community about such topics as the importance of representation; changes in writing and visuals; and how to create safe spaces for exploration and learning through gaming. Come talk with us and learn how you or your players can be supported in these creative spaces.


Terror on the Tabletop (w/Scott Rogers)

Saturday at 3:00 PM

The history, psychology, and mechanisms of horror board games presented by designer Scott Rogers (ALIEN Fate of the Nostromo, Texas Chainsaw Massacre the game)


Speedpainting Contest

Saturday 4pm – 6pm

Ready, set, PAINT! Kobold’s Keep is bringing their Speedpainting contest to RAGECON! Entry cost is simply buying a miniature from their booth, and then the challenge begins; using only the provided materials, you must paint your miniature within one hour! First place earns a free badge to next year’s RAGECON as well as a $15 gift certificate and RAGEBUCKs, so bring your best to the table!


“Is the Golden Age of Board Games Over”

Saturday at 5:00 PM

Is the Golden Age of gaming over? The talk of this being the golden age of gaming has been in the air for a decade but is this true? From CATAN to UNCONSCIOUS MIND, we will discuss how gaming has changed since the euro invasion of the 90s. All are welcome and encouraged to attend!


Cranking it to 11 – Adding all the extra to your games!

Saturday at 5:00 PM • Sunday at 12:00 PM

This is a panel about adding elements to your face to face games, such as background music, sound effects, lighting and fog effects, handouts and more to make your game sessions as epic as possible.


Game On! Traveling Gamemaster

Saturday at 6:00 PM 

This is a demo of the Game On! mobile GM service. We have packages ranging from just the basics, to our deluxe, over-the-top package that includes sound effects, background music, RGB lighting effects, fog effects, 3D terrain, handouts, and even a barmaid to keep your mugs full while you play!


The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Saturday at 7:00 PM

Extraordinary characters telling “unbelievably” extraordinary tales! Come watch members of Mythical Family play a hilarious game of improv, wild exaggeration, and bold-face fibs. Each character is a pompous (and efeet) aristocrat of old sitting around a table at an inn sharing stories of their former glory, while feigning jovial comradery. They will take turns telling stories with random prompts and interjections all while trying to have the best story at the table. Some audience participation.


Ben Maddox & Jonny Pac Unplugged

Saturday at 10:00 PM

Ben and Jonny will jam on an array of indie singer/songwriter music on guitar and bass. Grab a chair and enjoy a low-key, late-night show!


Play with the Designer and Beat the Designer


We will have game designers at RAGECON again this year running their games and you can sign up to play them!  Do you have what it takes to beat the designer? Look for them in the Demo and Game Lab areas or sign up on


Dungeons and Dragons

All weekend!

D&D is back all weekend! If you are interested in learning this great fantasy system they are always happy to sign you up and help you create a character. Learn more and sign up at!


Paint & Take

All weekend!

Head over to the front of the exhibitor area to enjoy the free painting tables! Acrylic paints, brushes, and supplies are provided to all attendees – you can bring a miniature from home and paint alongside local experts to share techniques, or buy a miniature from one of our exhibitors and have your mini looking beautiful before it even leaves the convention floor.