We will have fun stuff planned for you in addition to scheduled gaming!


(Sponsored by IGA)

Just like in the board game you are trying to find and eliminate your target without getting eliminated yourself. All of the AssassinCon players will have a special ribbon attached to their RageCon Badge. This will assist in identifying other players. You will still need to find your specific target.

To eliminate your target you must have the target sign your target card. This is now your trophy and cannot be taken from you, even if you are eliminated later.

The eliminated player then gives you the target card they are pursuing. This is now your new target.

You must return to The Original Location you picked up your badges to have your trophies recorded before the game ends. You can return anytime during convention hours to have your trophies recorded.

Please remember to always be respectful of the other players and RAGECON attendees. This is an opportunity to meet other gamers and to have fun.

The Assassin with the most trophies at the end will be given the title of Master Assassin.

AssassinCon is limited only to the first 75 people to sign up for it!   

Prizes: will be given to Master Assassin Alone. There can be only one!


Escape Room Extravaganza!

Saturday, 9am – 7pm

There will be 9 different escape room games that will be run back to back!
You can view more details and sign up on the gaming schedule.
 A lucky player will walk away with the game after each of these instant Play to Wins!

Prizes: Each game will be given away to a participant at the end of the scenario!



D&D 5E Dead In Thay Campaign

Assault the Doomvault

After the fall of Bloodgate Keep, the call went out: experienced adventurers needed to continue the fight for Thayan independence from the rule of the Lich Lord Szass Tam. When you answered the call, you were teleported to an unknown destination. What awaits you and your brave companions?

This adventure runs all convention long and will be across three tables of cooperative adventurers.

Presented/run by The Academy.


Flea Market/Swap Meet

Got a game you don’t play anymore?
Too many dice in your dice bag?

A great way to get rid of games you don’t play, trade for new games that you want to play or put some money in your pocket.

Bring a little, bring a lot; remember it’s a one hour sale/trade

There’s no charge for the space we are providing it as a service for our patrons

Games, and Game related items are always welcome

Please NO guns, knives, weapons, smelly stuff, loud stuff or messy stuff (if you violate this rule, you will be asked to leave)

No food or drinks can be sold (this is a hotel policy)

We’re not responsible or liable for sales, sale of any items, loss, theft, bags, boxes or making change

All merchandise is sold “As Is” and “Where Is” without warranties or guarantees of any kind by RAGECON, LLC.

Buyers shall rely entirely upon their own inspection.



Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Saturday 10:00am-11:30am

A unique standalone scenario for up to 12 investigators are prisoners of a mysterious mastermind. Locked into a terrifying dungeon and forced to complete a series of twisted riddles to find your way to freedom. You are encouraged to bring your own investigator deck and tokens, if you have them. If you are new and want to play, we will have a limited number of decks to use!




RAGECON loves cosplay!

We encourage our attendees to cosplay if they would like to!

We will be having a contest Saturday from noon to 6pm.

Wear your best cosplay and sign up at registration to get a marker for your badge so we know you are participating.

There will be secret judges throughout the convention evaluating the participating cosplayers and choosing the top three.

Meet at the RAGEBUCK raffle area at 8pm on Saturday to find out who won!
Winners will receive prizes that include cash and gift cards to Junkee!


12 and Under Tables

For our younger players!

RAGECON is fun for the whole family and we will have tables dedicated to our players who are 12 and under featuring different types of family-friendly games, including Play to Win!


Late Night 18+ Gaming by Reno Horrible People

Late night adult fun 11:00pm – whenever.

Reno Horrible People will be running some late night 18+ oriented party games after 11pm for those who want to keep going after the scheduled games have ended! Think along the lines of Cards Against Humanity and Drawing Without Dignity.


RAGECON Instagram Contest

#RAGECON2018 #RAGECONyear5 @rageconeno

Do you Instagram? Do you follow RAGECONReno? Well, tag @rageconreno in your posts during the convention and use the hashtags #RAGECON2018 and #RAGECONyear5 for a chance to win a game!

We had a lot of fun with this last year, so we are doing it again. We really love seeing all your pictures from RAGECON on our Instagram feed and we will definitely follow everyone who participates in the contest with RAGECON related content.

Prize: One random winner will be chosen to receive one random game of staff choice!



More events to come…