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    Corsana! In a world full of arcane sorcery, swords, shields, and lands teeming with goblins, orcs, giants, and dragons, anything is possible! Author Charles Wellington has fused the magical qualities of Harry Potter, the adventure styles from Lord of the Rings, with the epic battles of 300.

    Corsana: Myths & Legends continues the tale of the Phalanx Syndicate.

    With the port city of Asic out of danger, CK, Rory, Drendel, Chloe, and Rannstein, each go their separate ways. Having received an invitation to study with other psionics at the Nostro Guild, Christopher takes off with the hopes of finally finding others like himself. But heroic deeds never go unnoticed, as villains look to strike back.

    And strike they do. The Vampire Lord, Soren, has decided to make an example of all adventuring groups, and with The Phalanx Syndicate firmly in his sights, he’ll start by attacking what matters most to them; their friends and loved ones in the city of Asic.

    But as Soren takes the time to weave his sinister plot, CK and his group find deeds requiring their attention. As they sail across the ocean in search of relics, and venture into the depths of the Dungeon of Heroes, they quickly realize, that no pit of darkness could match the hatred within the souls of those trying to destroy them.