We will be looking for great exhibitors to offer goods and services to our attendees in 2023!

Download the handout here.

You can apply to be an exhibitor here.

Please note that not all who apply will be accepted.


If you need more information about sharing your wares at RAGECON, please email exhibit@ragecon.com to find out how to join us.

Exhibitor Room Hours:

Friday, June 30th – noon to 6 pm
Saturday, July 1st – 9 am to 6 pm
Sunday, July 2nd – 9 am to 5 pm


Aesc Games


Aesc Games is an indie board game studio dedicated to crafting unique, clever, and obsession-worthy games. Our flagship game Oros, is a medium-weight, strategy board game about humankind’s ancient pursuit of hidden knowledge and power. It’s a delightfully layered puzzle-like game that rewards those who creatively push its boundaries.

Arwen Amie


Arwen Amie is an artist known for her dark and enchanting pieces. She often draws inspiration from nature and fantasy/horror elements to create surreal paintings. Check out her Instagram @Arwen_Amie or her online shop to see what original art, prints, and stickers are available.

Battle Board Games


We are a Reno NV based Board Game Developer of strategic, historical, and educational based games for all ages. Come by and see our cute Bugyo game!

Bird n the Beads

Unique jewelry with a gamer theme using dice, dragons and other mythical creatures as motifs. Semi-precious stones are used in the jewelry. Some of the dice have been drilled by hand. All of the jewelry is handcrafted.

Brie and Honey Art


I am a local Reno artist who creates jewelry, costumes, accessories, and paintings. If you can dream it, I can bring it to life!

Brittany Ana Creations


I make wire wrapped jewelry, pop culture jewelry, suncatchers, charm jewelry, crystals, and other assorted goodies!



ColorStormWorkshop brings both painted and unpainted tabletop miniatures, terrain pieces, other 3d resin printed tabletop necessities, and crocheted dice bags.

Comic Cove

We are an underwater themed pop culture store from Sacramento. 
Anything nerd related we specialize in, and have something for everyone!

Dreaming In Print


I do 3d printed tabletop boards, articulating fidget dragons, toys, add-on tokens for popular games and cosplay items. 

Eat the Meeples Gaming


Eat the Meeples Gaming 3D prints all types of ideas and upgrades for your gaming needs!  New pieces, upgraded parts, replacing a missing peon,  creating your own game, we can do get you the pieces you need.  We will work with you to make sure your pieces are high quality and available when you need them.  We also have many different 3D prints that would be awesome gifts.  Want to print your own idea but don’t have a printer?  Renting our machines is easy AND cheap.  Ask us for more info.  Stop by the booth for a free roll in our raffle!

Fandom Affairs


Fandom Affairs is a small collective of artists making all kinds of visual and physical media, from art prints and stickers to 3D prints and hand-bound books! Made for needs, by nerds!

Fudgit Publishing


Blood, Sweat & Steel is a Sword & Sorcery/Dark Fantasy TTRPG. It is built on the Fudge RPG game engine. It has a number of unique game mechanics, including a simultaneous action resolution system, a non-linear wound system, and a free-form sorcery system. The game is designed for high action and quick resolution. The game is designed to put most of the heavy lifting on the GM, allowing the Players to focus on playing their characters. Most new players can pick up the system in 10-15 minutes. Blood, Sweat & Steel is designed to give you an authentic Sword & Sorcery gaming experience.

Game Kastle Reno


Game Kastle Reno is a tabletop gaming store. We offer all things tabletop including: board games, card games, miniature games, roleplaying games, dice, paints, and many other accessories. We have lots of space to come play your favorite game and a great library of games you can play in the store. Our friendly staff loves to help you find the products you are looking for and we can order items we might not have on hand.

Goblin Cardbelcher


For all of your TCG and board game needs.
Specializing in Magic: the Gathering singles and sealed product.

Goodman Games


Goodman Games has put experience in your adventures for 20 years! We publish the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG and associated products, and adventures for 5th Edition, including the forthcoming deluxe versions of Dark Tower & Caverns of Thracia, among many other memorable adventures and much, much more!

Grey Desert Studio


Grey Desert Studio was first envisioned when Grayson Stipe began writing serial Dungeons and Dragons adventures for his wife. At her urging, he decided to begin publishing these adventures on a once a month schedule on various sites including DriveThruRPG and Patreon. Set within the original world of Desagril, these adventures are compatible with the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons. However, Grayson was not content with merely writing a single monthly adventure. His love for both writing and all things RPG led to multiple adventures being published every month with original maps and content. The cost of purchasing miniatures for these adventures and the other campaigns that Grayson was involved with led to him procuring an Elegoo Saturn 3D printer to manufacture his own miniatures at home. Now, Grey Desert Studio offers plug and play adventure modules that are designed to fit within any campaign or setting, as well as 3D printed miniatures compatible with almost any TTRPG imaginable. The joy comes in bringing one’s story to life, and Grey Desert Studio seeks to tell fun and exciting stories through the lens of pure creativity. Whether by running an adventure for friends and family, or bringing your favorite characters and monsters to life by painting miniatures, Grey Desert Studio wants to help you tell your story. Happy Adventuring!

Griffin Stitches


Griffin Stitches is a one-woman shop specializing in tabletop gaming accessories and geeky self-care. Using our delightfully nerdy fabrics, we create everything from dice trays and bags, to reusable flax seed hot/cold packs. Everything is sewn with loving attention to detail and years of experience. Custom orders are welcome to create the perfect item to keep your nest happy, healthy, and geeky!

Handmade by Droids and The Golden Gear


Handmade by Droids and The Golden Gear creates handmade pewter swag, props and leather patches for discerning geeky enthusiasts.

Indie Press Revolution


Indie Press Revolution (IPR) is a network of creator-publishers devoted to bringing you the latest innovations in tabletop roleplaying and story games. Launched December 1, 2004 with seven member-publishers, we’ve grown to connect more than one hundred small-press tabletop roleplaying and story game companies to retailers on five continents, conventions, and individual customers.



Kittsani, formerly known as Taolla Art, specializes in stickers, prints, and stationery products with an appreciation for all things nerdy! From Pokemon to fantasy to Dungeons & Dragons, Kittsani creates original pieces and fanart illustrations for people of all ages to enjoy!

Kobold’s Keep


We’re Kobold’s Keep! Located by Victorian Square in Sparks, we have a number of TRPGs, TCGs, and much more! 

Let’s Get Dicey


Let’s Get Dicey, creating handmade epoxy resin D20s that will be perfect for your next tabletop session! These chonkers are big enough to assert dominance at the table, but small enough to roll without bowling over your mini. All D20s measure 40mm from tip to tip, 31mm from face to face… in other words, a great size for rolling your next crit :)

Lioncrest company


New and handmade items

Lost Boy Productions


Lost Boy Productions operates as a multi-level business. 
Our services include
-Cosplay Photography/Videoagraphy 
-Candle making
-3D Printing
-and more!

MC Hunton


MC Hunton is an award-winning urban fantasy author with a bright personality and a shockingly dark taste in the stories she writes. She has a penchant for fast-paced action, deeply rooted sociopolitical and spiritual themes, and emotionally driven plot and character development. Her debut series, The Martyr Series, blends the supernatural and magical realism with a dark, dystopian alternate future, where the Seven Deadly Sins are more than just a fable. They’re hell, and they’re here on earth.

Michael K. Falciani


Michael K. Falciani is an award-winning fantasy author local to the Reno area. His first novel in his, “The Raven and the Crow,” series is Dark Storm Rising. It won audiobook of the year at the highly competitive Imaginarium Book Convention in 2022. The sequel, The Gray Throne, is a finalist for fantasy novel of the year at the same convention in 2023. His third book is a dwarven steampunk novel that was named as a finalist for steampunk novel of the year. If you are a fan of action and adventure, these are the books for you.

Momma K’s Monsters and More

Momma K’s specializes in handmade plushies, backpacks, dice bags, and more. All your favorite monsters, dragons, and specialty characters in a fun squishy huggable plush.

Mythic Geekdom


Geeky Arts, Entertainment, & Empowerment. Check our website for classic video game RPG streams with voice acting, D&D actual play videos, geeky self-care, original art, music, stories, cosplay, blogs, merch, and more! Art commissions available. Stay Mythic out there, Geeks! mythicgeekdom.com

Mythical Family


Mythical Family is a group currently based in Reno Nevada focused on fostering safe and supportive gaming and hobby environments through inclusive and representative events and exhibits. We hope to improve the visibility of all people that enjoy hobbies, fandoms, gaming, and creativity, and believe that absolutely all of these pastimes benefit when everyone is welcome and included.
Sharing of knowledge and supportive engagement creates a more vivid world for all hobbies and fandoms. Welcoming everyone to the table to share their common passions while safely expressing themselves and accepting differences. Welcome to the Mythical Family.

Noble Science Academy


Offering instruction in Historical Swordsmanship & European Martial Arts, the Noble Science Academy is Nevada’s premier sword-fighting school.

Pandemic Leather


Pandemic Leather creates a combination of laser engraved and hand tooled/stamped leather gaming and dice accessories, fantasy themed jewelry and cosplay/ larping accessories.

Paola’s Pixels


Geeky apparel and accessories inspired by tabletop games.

Pop’s Game Asylum


A refuge for gamers, geeks, nerds, artists & more!

Project Kirtrite


“Kirtrite, a land of magnificence, yet imperfect, tests the measure of one’s soul. In this land, the choice is made of which side to fight on, to rise or to fall, to be the hero or the villain.”
Welcome, fellow journeyers. Adventure awaits, should you accept the call. Come, join me on this quest to bring adventure right to your door. On this journey, you can find that all the legends can be true–step into the wild, the medieval, the magical with open-air shops, horsedrawn wagons, swordfights with the centaurs, tests of wits with the elves, and battles and secrets to take to your grave.
Herein lies the answer to all wargaming, role-playing, and story-telling needs. Meet my friends, in miniature form, of all different peoples, creatures, and factions; and allow us to tell your tales and bring your adventures to life. Bring our adventure to your fellow journeymen and follow our stories for your own role-playing quests.
The adventure will be constantly growing, so be sure to check back in regularly to see the new arrivals. Should you find a need for something not a part of our journey, make the request, and I’ll put in a word with the Wayfarer.

Sarah Renee Art


I specialize in fantasy based art in both acrylic and digital media. I sell a variety of prints in different sizes, as well as original pieces done on canvas! Currently open for custom work and commissions.

Save vs. Death Ray

All games deserve a little love — find treasures for your gaming collection at unbeatable prices at the Save Versus Death Ray booth!

Super Adorkable

http:// superadorkable.com

Get your own 3D printed dice towers, dice spell books, jails and vaults, GM screens, and dice sets designed to take your tabletop gaming to the next level.
Need to fidget or make a friend? We also have articulated dragons and other creatures and creations ready to join you on your adventures.
And if you’re into cosplay, we’ve got you covered with our handmade accessories like wearable wings, animal ears, mini hats, and steampunk goggles and more!
We also take custom orders, with free shipping, if you want something special. There’s something for everyone and it’s all Super Adorkable.

T Rose Jewelry & Gifts


We are an LGBT+ local owned and operated company in Reno Nevada specializing in handmade jewelry. We make everything from crystal spiritual jewelry to kawaii pop cultures themed stuff and children’s jewelry.

Tempus Fugit Oddities


Tempus Fugit Oddities brings cute and creepy collections to people of all walks of life. Steampunk inspired with notes of death, Tempus Fugit creates real art from hand collected stones, crystals, bones and other fascinating odds and ends. Have an old watch that needs a new battery or crystal? We are also watch repair technicians. Bring it to us and we will see if we can restore your beloved timepiece.

The Glass Die


Reno’s first boardgame bar, established 2017. Craft beer, cider, mead, wine, cold brew coffee, tea, and a game library of over 900 titles!

Trapped in Tahoe, Inc


Trapped in Tahoe is the original escape room experience for the Tahoe Basin! Locally owned and operated, we provide four different theme room experiences for our customers to play. We opened our doors on May 13, 2016 and have been blessed with so many special events and occasions. We love making each group feel as if they have stepped into another time or place while testing their ability to solve puzzles and work together to achieve their end goal. Come see if you have what it takes to survive!

Wishless World


Melissa from Wishless World is a local fiber artist who makes needle felted creatures. Taking inspiration from nature, games, and pop culture she makes a wide variety of felt creations. Wearable shoulder dragons, doughnuts with faces, and flying pigs are a few of pieces you’ll see.
Follow her on Instagram to see her most current work.