We will have some great designers at RAGECON playtesting their games! We will also have a special event where YOU can be the designer and win prizes!


Mark Schynert – Nation State
(Testing on Friday & Saturday)

JonnyPac – The Lydian Lion, Goodmeeples & Goldilocks Zone Also testing upcoming games in development by Final Frontier Games, including Merchant’s Cove 
(Testing on Friday & Saturday night)

Jeff Beck – Pivotal
(Testing on Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
Play with the Designer:  Getaway Driver, Hardback, & Word Domination

Tim Fowers – Burgle Bros 2: Electric Burgaloo
(Testing on Friday & Saturday)
Play with the Designer:  Fugitive & Paperback

John Shulters (Black Straw Games) –  Search for Planet X
(Testing on Saturday)
Play with the Designer: Grackles & Rocket Squad
Brunch w/Black Straw Games includes a smorgasbord of playtesting (Sunday)

Tucker Smedes
(Details TBA)

Jarrett Ford – Elemancers
(Testing on Friday & Saturday)

Jeff Krause – Grand Carnival 
(Testing Friday – Sunday)

Paul Elkmann (aka Geoff Dale)  – Portal to Adventure RPG system 
Play with the Designer Friday and Saturday (maybe Sunday)

More to come…

Are you ready for a fun challenge? Can you come up with creative ideas on the fly? Do you work well in a group environment? If so, RAGECON is hosting its first annual Game Lab Design Contest on Sunday, June 30th, at High Noon!

The event will be open to seasoned game designers, hobbyists, and newbies alike. Basically, anyone who fancies themselves a game designer at heart is welcome.  

We will help assemble balanced teams, hand out bags of mystery components, and give everyone one hour to come up with a fresh game idea (based on a certain theme or mechanic). After the hour is up, the teams will have a few extra moments to prepare an “elevator pitch” of why their game is unique and awesome. Then a group of judges—made up of industry vets—will learn about each game and decide on the winners. 

Each member of the winning team will get a full RAGECON 2020 VIG 3 Day Pass! And each member of the runner-up team will get 40 RAGEBUCKs. Plus, pictures of the winning teams will be posted online, along with a full group shot of everyone who participated (with all due permissions).  

We know that winning is fun—just like in every game. But the true prize here is the opportunity to meet and work along side other creative people who share similar dreams. And who knows—maybe your team’s idea will find its way onto tables all around the world someday! RAGECON is no stranger to success stories of this kind.   

General Rules and Guidelines

  • There will be 6-10 teams made up of of 3-6 people each. 

  • Friends and families can request to be on the same team. 

  • All ages and backgrounds are welcome. 

  • Seasoned designers are encouraged to take leadership roles and help those who are less sure of their footings.

  • “Quarterbacking” is discouraged. We will see that everyone has the chance to express their ideas.

  • Existing game/premeditated concepts are not in the spirit of the challenge. The games should be purely the result of the one-hour challenge.

  • Adult themed games are not allowed.

  • The games presented do not need to be “done”—or even playable, for that matter. It is more about presenting a clear proof of concept.    

  • The challenge begins at Noon and will break at 1pm to work on pitches.

  • Winners will be announced around 2pm, after each group has made their 5-minute pitch.

The contest’s judges are all published designers, publishers, and/or other industry professionals. Their names and backgrounds will be announced in the weeks leading up to the convention. Stay tuned!

Contestants can sign up online just like other RAGECON events on Tabletop.Events, or they can simply walk in, (starting at 11:30am, Sunday).