Game Lab

Do you have a card or board game idea of your own you’d like to try out and get feedback on?

Join us in the Game Lab section of RAGECon where game designers and fans alike can test prototypes and check out unpublished games before they release to production.

Attendees and other designers, like Alan Ernstein, Steve Aramini, Tucker Smedes and others, will be able to sit in on your game and give you direct feedback that will be valuable to polish your mechanics or get additional play testing done as well as showing several of their games they are currently working on.

From early prototypes to nearly ready for release games, this is your chance to check it out first!

GAME LAB Events:

Tucker Smedes, a local Reno game designer, will be demoing his upcoming games, games currently in production, and demos he is working on.

CardLords – CardLords is a game design and publishing company with an emphasis on player interaction and high quality artwork.

BattleGoats – BattleGoats is a goat filled modern combination of classic card games like Memory and War. Players alternate turns in card battle to determine a winner using the highest number value. Number values change as the game goes on. The person with the last card in play wins. Rules are easy to pick up and games play in as little as 5-30 minutes for groups of 2-6 players ages 9+.

Take the Gold – Take the Gold is a 2-6+ player draw-and-play card game with outstanding artwork featuring cat pirates and corgi officers that can be learned in under 2 minutes.  Players try to be the first to collect 4 Gold Coins by using Pirates to steal coins from other players. Officers can be called in to stop the pirates, but be prepared; The Kraken could wipe out everything you have!  Games are quick paced and play in less than 10 minutes.

The Pirate’s Flag – The Pirate’s Flag is a dice-rolling, card-playing, capture the flag adventure!  Players move through the Serpent’s Pass trying to be the first player to escape back to the Dread Sea with The Pirate’s Flag.  Each player takes the roll of a Pirate Captain and commands their ship as they move through the pass gathering cards that will help them manipulate dice, modify rolls, and even move other ships!  The Pirate’s Flag supports 2-5 players ages 10+ and has a heavy emphasis on player interaction.

Take the Gold was successfully backed on  Kickstarter!

Alan Ernsteinspecial guest,  will be showing the following games he is currently working on and would like players to demo and give feedback: Nevada City, Firereach Castle, Cuzco, and Sapa Inca

Stupid Users: BETA

Beta is a one of a kind, IT vs Zombies, Card Game about building up an army and stealing or looting anything to win.

You read that right, IT vs Zombies. This isn’t your typical card game. Get ready for a fast paced, trash talking, turn on a dime, army building card game.

It starts like this; choose your IT Champion, cards are dealt, you’re fighting against the other players, and the evil Der Magicker a diabolical hacker. You see Der Magicker is building his army of zombies to take over the world and more importantly beat you and the other players. Champions must gather or steal weapons, troops, and strategically play cards to beat Der Magicker and the other players.

There are many ways to gather your army, draw a card, attack another player, kill a higher powered zombie, etc. Pay close attention because one card will change the game entirely or can be a win card with the correct gameplay. No sleeping allowed!

Read the Stupid Users comic and learn more about this one of a kind battle at:

If you are interested in showing your game in the Game Lab please email  Please include any space requirements you need and some information about the game.