RAGECON 2022 will have some great special guests. Stay tuned for More guests as they confirm!


Luke Laurie

Luke Laurie is a boardgame designer and junior high science teacher from Santa Maria, California.

His works include The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire, Whistle Mountain, Cryo, and Dwellings of Eldervale.

Luke is bringing his upcoming game, Andromeda’s Edge from publisher Cardboard Alchemy, to RageCon 2022. This massive science fiction worker placement game bears some similarities to Dwellings of Eldervale.

You’ll have the opportunity demo this game and play Luke’s previous designs throughout the convention!



Grant Lyon

Grant Lyon, a touring professional comedian from Comedy Central, Comic’s Unleashed, the SyFy Channel, and more, is also a huge board game lover! His comedy album Scheduled Fun Time hit number one on the comedy charts and has made him the featured artist of the month on multiple SiriusXM channels.
He’s performed in 45 states and is recognizable from numerous national TV commercials. In addition, he makes silly review videos about good games with his series Grant’s Game Recs on TikTok and YouTube, and he’s the co-designer of the party game Curmudgeon, published by 25th Century Games. For the first time ever, Grant is putting his 17 years of standup comedy experience into a standup show all about board games.
If you’re a gamer, these are jokes for you.




Semetary Cosplay is a Colorado based cosplayer who has been cosplaying since 2006. With well over 250 hand-made cosplays, Semetary participates in all fandoms ranging from anime, sci-fi, Disney, and even Broadway. He is a representative of the LGBT+ community, and as a trans cosplayer his goal is to travel and spread equality within the community.

Cosplay for Kindness is a Northern Nevada non-profit group built of Professional Cosplayers who enjoy bringing smiles to children throughout the local Reno-Tahoe area. The group built up of over 20 cosplayers features a diverse range of members looking to spread some kindness across northern Nevada! Cosplay for Kindness has participated in a wide variety of local charity events, conventions, hospital visits, birthday parties, and more with the sole goal of creating magic for both children and adults alike.


Sandra’s Cosplay Asylum began cosplaying in 2014 creating and designing her cosplay and props from scratch. She started her love of cosplay design while creating costumes and props for local fantasy and vampire LARPS. She has competed  and won several cosplay contests both locally at Reno cons, as well as Salt Lake Fan X, Las Vegas comic con, and in a national contest put on by Zenescope comics in which she took 3rd place as one of their Iconic Characters Liesel Van Helsing.

Here are our general cosplay rules.
Here are the cosplay contest rules.





Corey Thompson

Corey is part of the Dice Tower Network and runs:
– written news feed.
DiceTowerNow – weekly news podcast, comes out every Monday
DiceTowerDish.com– interviews with designers over a meal. Casual, unedited conversation transcribed into a written blog with snarky comments and pictures. 

He is a retired veterinarian and an ex-neuroscience PhD researcher. Corey’s father was instrumental in computer science in the 1970s, and was world computer chess champion for many years, so he was raised around technology and games. He’s been actively seeking out and playing weird and wonderful games for as long as he can remember. 



Henry Audubon

Henry is the designer of PARKS, TRAILS, Space Park, Kingswood, and the upcoming FLOE from Pika Games.  He runs a game observatory at the top of a wizard’s tower in Philadelphia.



Steven Aramini

Steven Aramini is an avid gamer and game designer who lives right here in Reno. He is the designer/co-designer of Sprawlopolis, Circle the Wagons, Animal Kingdoms, Tricky Tides, Yardmaster, Eternal Palace, Fliptown and more..