We will add our new guest lineup in 2019. In the meantime, go visit the great guests we had in 2018!


Brandish Gilhelm

(aka Hankerin Ferinale)

Hailing from the Cascades of Washington state, Brandish is most well known for his YouTube channel, Runehammer (formerly Drunkens & Dragons).
He’s made a name for himself with Dungeonmaster wisdom, game design, storytelling, terrain craft and publishing. This includes three complete novels, and his best-selling RPG ‘Index Card RPG.’  In 2017, Gilhelm went ‘all in’ and now owns and operates his Runehammer brand full time.
His head is lumpy, and he has three thumbs.



Colin Cantwell

(Death Star Creator)

Fans of the Death Star, Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer, TIE Fighter, X-Wing, Sky Hopper, and the rest of the iconic ships created by Colin Cantwell will want to see the new developments at his table at RAGECON on Sunday June 24th from noon to 2pm!
Stop by Colin’s table and talk about his various projects including: – His Star Wars’ ship designs/models, scene designs & his work with Lucas  – His contributions to the success of “2001, A Space Odyssey” – How he worked with Walter Cronkite on the First Moon Landing; – His work at NASA – Plus Colin’s work in War Games, Buck Rogers, Close Encounters etc.




Blue Orange Games will be at RAGECON!

You know them from Kingdomino & Queendomino, Photosynthesis, New York 1901, Battlesheep, and many more. They will be demoing three yet to be released games!.