Play to Win

We will have some great games that you can win simply by playing! Keep checking back for the 2022 games!

Two ways to Play to Win!

First, we have GM’s (Game Masters) identified to learn the Play to Win Games prior to the convention. During the convention they can help Attendees set up and learn how to play the game. This makes it easy for Attendees to learn the game quickly and get encouragement about the game mechanics and play from our staff.


Second, all the Play to Win games are available in the Play to Win Library. Attendees that like to learn the games themselves can check out the game any time during the convention.


For both methods, we have raffle tickets that each player gets as an entry to win the game. The games are available until the end of the convention. At the end of the convention we have a drawing to give them away to attendees that entered to win the copy by playing it at the convention. 


Some of our scheduled Play to Win Games



More to come…


Search for play to win on the events schedule to choose which games you would like to sign up for.

Show up at your scheduled game time and play the game.

You are now entered in the drawing to WIN that game!

(Note: Game may be scheduled several times and the drawing will include everyone who played the game. You may sign up and play a game more than once and be entered more than once for each game.)