Puzzle Room Demo

Break Through Reno will be running a mobile demo at RAGECON!

Vendor Room: Saturday and Sunday

Break Through Reno is an escape game designed for 3-6 people. This brain teasing game is full of challenges. Every corner, every wall, every drawer contains hints and clues that will help you escape…and you have 60 minutes to figure it out.
We offer four rooms:
Betrayal at High Noon is our old western themed room. In this room, you are a group of deputies who were working hard trying to root out crime and corruption in the streets of Reno. You were betrayed by one of your own who was bribed by the bandits to lock you up in the cells you used to command. You now want revenge so you need to figure out who betrayed you and get out of there.
In the Mask, you are a group of detectives looking into a serial killer. Things do not go your way and you become trapped in his apartment. You need to find a way out, and you also want to be noble agents who still complete their mission. 
Ninja Protocol is our most vague room. You wake up in some Japanese business man’s office; you don’t know how you got there and you have very little memory of your life. Armed only with what you remember, you need to escape before everything blows up in your face. 
V.I.P.E.R.’S Nest is a room where you are a group of agents looking into a corrupt organization known as VIPER. Through your research, you found out that they have connections to your bosses. You risk your life and job to take down this organization before it is too late. 
Our pop-up room is a game “taster” to preface The Mask. Smaller teams of 1-3 people will be let into the room for 5 minutes where they are on their own to figure out The Mask’s next target.