Want to take home a great game or gaming related prize?


RAGEBUCKs are your tickets to winning prizes during the convention. Each RAGEBUCK allows you to enter to win any of the great prizes that will be available at each raffle.

How do I get RAGEBUCKs?

Make sure to sign up for a SCHEDULED GAME to get your free RAGEBUCKs. For every scheduled  game you play in blocks of time up to two hours you will get 2 free RAGEBUCKs. Games 30 minutes or less qualify for 1 RAGEBUCK. So sign up for games on our TABLETOP.EVENTS scheduling system and you’re all set.

Yes, you receive RAGEBUCKs just for playing a game at the convention! You will be given your RAGEBUCKs after you complete your game.

RAGEBUCKs will also be available for purchase at the registration desk during the convention.

Purchase options for RAGEBUCKs:
1 = $1
8 = $5
20 = $10

To enter to win one of the raffle prizes all you need to do is put your information on the back of your RAGEBUCK then enter it to win the prize(s) you really want! Enter as many times as you like to increase your odds of winning each prize.

Prizes will be drawn for during morning and afternoon blocks. Check at registration for drawing times!

We will try to update the list regularly but new games are added all the time so check at the convention for all the prizes you can win!