Tournaments, play-to-win, panels and more!



Game Lab

Do you have a card or board game idea of your own you’d like to try out and get feedback on?
Join us in the Game Lab section of RAGECon where game designers and fans alike can test prototypes and check out unpublished games before they release to production.
Attendees and other designers, like Alan Ernstein, Steve Aramini, Tucker Smedes and others, will be able to sit in on your game and give you direct feedback that will be valuable to polish your mechanics or get additional play testing done as well as showing several of their games they are currently working on.
From early prototypes to nearly ready for release games, this is your chance to check it out first!
GAME LAB Events: Coming Soon!



We will offer several tournaments during RAGECon. Please make sure to sign up on our scheduling system to make sure you get a seat.
All tournament seats are first come first serve and each tournament is open to any player. Please bring your own game materials or use our demo material and let us teach you the game unless otherwise noted.
Tournaments at RAGECON: Coming Soon!


Play to Win

Make sure to try one of these great Play to Win games during the convention. All you have to do is try the game and you automatically entered to win a copy!
Play to Win games will be scheduled during the convention so look for events with Play to Win in the title.
Play to Win games will also be available to check out and try yourself or with a group.
Double Exposure works with many great gaming companies to get these great Play to Win games to RAGECON.
Current list of Play to Win Games: Coming Soon!


Silent Auction




Tournaments, play-to-win, panels and more!


Raffle drawing – Friday 8PM Make sure you have your stub! RAFFLE PRIZES: