There will be tons of scheduled games to sign up for


2018 will see RAGECON using a new service to schedule games for the convention. We will have tons of scheduled games that will be posted and available to play on TABLETOP.EVENTS – More information to come soon!


RAGECON-2018 Scheduled Games

(link will be active soon!)



Do you want to run your favorite game at RAGECON 2018?

We need Game Masters that want to run games during the convention! Game Masters qualify as Volunteers and get discounted admission for running games.

4 hours = half price admission
8 hours = full admission

Totals hours volunteered do not have to be consecutive.

If you are interested in running games please provide the following information to the Event Coordinator at the email address below.

  • Your name and phone number.
  • Your TABLETOP.EVENTS login id if possible.
  • Name of game you would like to run.
  • Type of game. (board game, card game, rpg, etc…)
  • Date and Time you would like to run the game.
  • Table space required.
  • Number of maximum players.
  • Table space required.
  • Any special requirements for players. (ie – Experienced players only, newbies welcome, materials needed, ….)


Email the Event Coordinator at events@ragecon.com




There will be tons of scheduled games to sign up for